Sprintfinish van

About Sprintfinish

SPRINTFINISH was formed in 1997 in West Yorkshire. We have expanded over the years and now also cover North, East and South Yorkshire, as well as Greater Manchester and Surrey.

SPRINTFINISH is the perfect alternative to body repair shops at a fraction of the cost. It's the ultimate mobile repair service which keeps expense and inconvenience to an absolute minimum.

SMART Repair System

SPRINTFINISH repairs are carried out using our own development of the latest SMART Repair System, (small and medium area repair techniques). This means that we can localise the repair area, which maintains the original factory finish. As the repairs are carried out from our fully equipped vans, we are able to offer a much more competitive price than conventional body shops.

SPRINTFINISH operators can complete a number of body repairs every day, quickly and wherever you are.

Mobile Repairs by skilled operatives

SPRINTFINISH can give a prompt service because of the number of skilled operatives available, working within a team structure to always put the customer first.

To ensure that our customers always get the best possible repairs, SPRINTFINISH has a policy of continued training and product development.