Sprintfinish Repair Services

photo of bumper damagephoto of bumper damage

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Scuffed or cracked colour coded bumpers, in all shades, can be repaired by SPRINTFINISH to look like new. We remove the expense of replacement parts.

photo of repaired bumperphoto of repaired bumper

Restored to their former glory!

If the bumper has been creased or scuffed, we use heat treatments to reshape the bumper to its original shape and strength. We use an abrasive wheel to give the surface a key, sand to remove damage, fill dents and paint them to the original colour.

photo of bumper scuff

Re-textured bumpers

Textured bumpers and exterior trims are repaired using resin and composite materials. The plastic resin used can be easily colour coded or textured, with a final finish that's the exact replica of the original.

Repairs for bumper scuffs * scratches * stone chips * interior trim * alloy wheels * windscreen chips * call 0870 7807 770

With our fully equipped mobile repair vehicles, we do these repairs at your choice of location. Arrange for one of our technicians to call and see the damage to your vehicle. He will give you a free estimate and may even be able to do the job at the same time.