What will you need to work with Sprintfinish™?

There are two ways to join us. You can purchase your Business Franchise and run your own independent business, or you can work with us as a self-employed Business Partner.

For a SprintFinish Business Franchise you will need:

*75% of SprintFinish business is with 30 day trade accounts, paid at the end of the month following the invoice date. For example, an invoice made on 5th January would be paid in the first week of March.

For a SprintFinish Business Partnership you will need:

SprintFinish will invoice for the work you have done and collect all revenue. As our Business Partner you will receive 50% of the invoice value 14 days after the month of invoice, plus a phone and fuel allowance, paid direct to your own bank account. For example, work done in January will be paid to you by 14th February.