How much can a SprintFinish Franchisee earn?

These are SprintFinish charges for typical cosmetic restoration jobs

First scuff on bumper45.0070.00Hands-on time
1 hour on each
Second scuff on the same vehicle35.0050.00
First panel repair55.0075.00
Second panel repair40.0055.00
Stone chips on bonnet, front panel45.0067.50
Stonechips on the entire car55.0085.00
The average cost of materials is approximately 10%

And an income projection for a SprintFinish Franchisee in Year 1

Average number of jobs per day5
Average price £50.00 per job£250.00 a day
Five day week£1250.00 a week
£1250.00 x 48 weeks£60,000 per year including 4 weeks holiday

Operating cost including materials is approximately £15,000 a year.

All prices quoted exclude VAT

In year 2 a typical franchisee can expect to earn 50% more than in Year 1 – but remember that SprintFinish cannot guarantee individual operators results as local market forces and individuals’ efforts vary.