SprintFinish Vehicle Paint Repair Business

Be part of the best vehicle repair business around, and with 33 million vehicles on Britain's roads you'll never be short of work!

Minor vehicle damage like dents, scuffs and scratches to panels, bumpers, wheel arches, mirrors and alloy wheels are inevitable in today's driving conditions, and at some time most vehicles suffer some kind of damage. Until now, using conventional methods, even the smallest repair has been expensive and time consuming – the whole panel had to be repainted in a specialist body repair shop, with the vehicle out of use for several days.

But not with SprintFinish™. Using our revolutionary SMARTvehicle paint repair system, our operators can restore scratches, stone chips and minor dents on vehicle panels and bumpers, giving a perfect job at a fraction of the cost and time taken by conventional methods.

SprintFinish™, the best SMART vehicle paint restoration system around, is available now. There are several ways in which you can join in our success, so read on and find out how you can be part of the SprintFinish™ future.

Car repair franchise

The key to our success is that with our easy to learn SMART system, the SprintFinish™ operator works just on the damage, not on the whole panel. And our SMART system is totally effective, fast-acting and fully mobile.

This means that SprintFinish™ operators can complete a number of body restorations every day, fast, anywhere. And they provide a valuable service to ordinary motorists, fleet operators, hire companies, prestigious main agents and large used car dealers, all sources of long-term repeat business for SprintFinish™ Business Franchisees.

SprintFinish™ Business Franchisees can build themselves a comprehensive and profitable vehicle cosmetic repair business. And remember there are 33 million vehicles in the UK…