SprintFinish management fee and advertising levy

Although the SMART Repair System is at the heart of the Sprintfinish™ offer, we offer other business opportunities – extra products to fit in with a SprintFinish Business and increase your earning power

Invisible repairs to:

in seats and carpets

SprintFinish charge no franchise fee on these, and there is no high-priced replacement stocking plan. All items are sold at trade prices, while training is charged at £125 per day plus VAT.

And SprintFinish makes no on-going royalty charges. A fee of £125 + VAT is charged as a monthly management fee and advertising levy. For this SprintFinish supplies:

With the SMART Repair system, SprintFinish Business Franchises can build themselves a comprehensive and profitable vehicle cosmetic repair business. And remember – there are 33 million vehicles in the UK…